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The Development and Digital Breakthrough of High end Hotels in China

Date: 2023-11-11

In China, high-end hotels have a long history, but the real opportunity for their vigorous development came after China's reform and opening up, especially after the country established the National Tourism Administration in 1998 to promote the development of foreign tourism. Since 1998, it has undergone four rounds of upgrading and continuous evaluation of star rated hotel standards, greatly stimulating the development of high-end hotels, And the brand new lifestyle created by high-end tourism hotels became the fashion guide and industry standard at that time, whether in terms of hotel properties or hotel management and reception processes.

Over the past thirty years of development, high-end hotels in China have formed their own characteristics and development patterns. Looking back, the current high-end hotels are no longer comparable to what they were before. In the digital era, when our managers manage and operate high-end hotels, the changing and new characteristics become the basis and driving force for us to adjust our management behavior.

What shocking changes have taken place in high-end hotels? What are the impacts of these changes on the operation, management, and marketing of high-end hotels entering the digital age? In the next few years, where will the digital breakthrough of high-end hotels in China lie?