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Park Hotel Singapore (Phoenix City Hotel Guangzhou), Hotel est situé dans la partie est de Guangyuan Xintang Road, est une vaste zone de montagnes et de l 'eau thématique des vacances et des expositions internationales, à proximité de la Ligne 13 de métro Xintang, il ya de grands magasins (yongwang, da Run Fa, Wanda Square, etc.), une situation géographique avantageuse pour Tous les centres commerciaux et de loisirs de la ville.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br Il y a ici le buffet de l 'ouest de Vienne, le restaurant chinois de Phoenix traditionnel chinois délicieux, et d' autres variétés nutritives.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • Mati1119
    Not too bright room, the facility is old, is not due to the Canton fair, price 600, never lived in, so I can't compare, at least for now, price is not high ~ ~ ~
  • e00336181
    Good environment and convenient transportation.
  • e00031388
    Which is very nice
  • as132
    The room is a little old, this room air conditioner is not cold enough.
  • fantommy
    Warm service, beautiful environment, is a good choice for family vacation
  • tonysmart
    OK, a bit stale. travel is not very convenient.
  • carol3333
    Is not convenient for transportation, must have car. service attitude is good. lobby decorating
  • moipy
    Phoenix, hematemesis recommended is the same choice but I guess no they cannot do good next time
  • gavlon
    Lovely hotel, is going too far in Guangzhou City!
  • bln19930524
    Breakfast very good warm, nice, and will continue to check in at this hotel.
  • nx0923
    A very good environment, good
  • eagercadet
    Very good service and very good stay in the new business centre of good
  • pally0903
    Hotel is very good
  • afteraway
    Reception warm, clean, environment,
  • e02700744
    Has been many times, has been very good, nice hotel!
  • jinjing910
    There is no language, no ... no room to store, had to live near Phoenix Island estates, first-class service, third-rate management and when we caught up with meeting many people, causing confusion in the management. said swimming is not open in the morning, after fighting to delay us, breakfast very good, hotel senior management problems.
  • snoopy-r
    Hotel is beautiful, the front desk service was excellent, very friendly, everyone smiling. rooms are very large, very clean, in short a word 'like' is strongly recommended!
  • fssdg
    Hotels adhering to the Maritim brand high quality hardware and software, right, will go after country Garden Hotel
  • liuting_vvfb
    OK, a little bit biased, weight bad.
  • Maxiaoming
    A very good environment, good service, family vacation.
  • dbm_2006
  • gajsa
    Good location, great view. swimming pool is good. Facilities, air conditioning and some very hot, open is not cold. Front desk service is lousy, often wrong, slow, poor service.
  • foxso
    Environment is very good, the service is also very good, facilities in some old ones, such as carpet
  • daisy415
    Slanted away from the city, OK
  • lpp19960303
    Air conditioning has improved very well!
  • nursewei
    OK, breakfast is so-so!
  • gungun
    Hotel services are particularly good, very satisfied, will come again next time, Assistant Manager snow is very nice, front office manager who is beautiful with a big star like siming good every time I come to them is highly recommended
  • e01314181
    Nice, nice
  • e00045345
    Heard good
  • Adam1030
    Hotel environment also is is good of, has a Hou garden, along Lake can go go walking, is comfortable! hotel also has indoor and outdoor both a pool, is clean, gym also good, 2 Taiwan running machine, also some other equipment. self of early dinner also is rich, many eat of, restaurant environment also super beauty, also was in next piano. room also has a big balcony, only enough perfect of is room inside of equipment and carpet are somewhat explicit old, may years of sake's, bathroom alsoNo bathtub! is quite good!
  • emin2005
    Very good hotel! nice! very nice! Hey, Guangzhou has the cheapest hotels with swimming pool! kids fun!
  • onlyeyre
    Looks spectacular in a five-star hotel, the room was poor, there is no service, breakfast vouchers, eating poorly, not anything like a five-star ...
  • es1111
    Good, low price point would be nice
  • bermenbj
    Hotel very good, service excellent, recommended!
  • a~miao
    General Hotel
  • junda608
    Nice, high cost performance
  • ceair620361221
    Hotel is not so new, the service is very good. buffet breakfast is OK, but not like a five-star hotel in the evening.
  • goodfriend0108
    First times staying hotel, is and colleagues with came travel of, hotel of environment special good, also has Hou garden can walking, behind of Lake surface open full has Lotus, special beautiful, pond in also has many carp, all are long of and fertilizer and big, room facilities although some old, but health is clean, hotel front desk of service attitude is good, lobby Manager also has been asked I on hotel of views and recommends, feel really of is VIP, feedback views Hou also gift has Memorial notebook, Welcome to come again, this service is really good, next time and will book again, highly recommended! great!
  • ccs0909
    Hotel is located in the community of Phoenix, there are many places to eat nearby, the environment is also good. room is spacious, there is a balcony, outdoor scenery, upholstery or. catch the discounts is strongly recommended.
  • A5189
    Cost-effective. good. are available, preferably with family members
  • dovenlv
    Floor breakfast great service attitude is good fruit fresh mates work seriously after moving to access phone call from the highly recommended
  • lovecloveryuan
    Hotel Guest Service Center provides a good service, I required when booking a big bed room to shop with service personnel wanted for double bed, service personnel change at once, and free upgrades, friendly hotel facilities for me, not bad
  • ls1291
    Good location, good service, the next time you
  • ljvs2005
    Well, good service attitude
  • fan_1005
    Facility is a bit old and all else OK.
  • liuxiaowen0727
    Hotel is great, service is great, and little gifts, worth recommending!
  • butuijian
    Leisure is good kids like an indoor pool
  • m04244173
    Very good
  • aoieongcat
    Big balcony was the only bright spot
  • luoyubin
    Not bad ... usually words should not have been so expensive, near from the city.